Friday, January 9, 2015

Farewell...For Now


Fellow Frugalers,

I do apologize for my prolonged absence.  As you know, life sometimes gets in the way of blogging...and then life sometimes has a way of changing your interests.  I am Still writing, though in a much-changed format - I am writing a novel!

I hope that you will continue to use this blog as a reference and resource in the future.

All my best to each of you in your efforts to save money and become more self-reliant! It has been a fun ride with you, but I must change cable cars now.


Heather Bea


  1. Follow your dreams and do what you're passionate about. Best of luck in your new venture!

  2. Wow! I saw your email in my inbox and thought, "Oh, good...she's back!" And then I read your post and thought, "Ohh...she's gone." I'm a bit sad to read this...but I'll be looking forward to your novel! Have fun!!

  3. Mixed emotions, love your posts so needed so creative but everyone needs to follow their passion :). I don't know, I love that your going to leave your page so we can all benefit I just don't want to see your wonderful site disappear. Would it be so out there to suggest you let other talented people maybe wanting to try their hand without a big comment to the blogging world host your page once & a while giving them & your fans an opportunity to keep being fabulously creative.

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  6. But I just found this wonderful site! Maybe you can do a yearly post? Hope your novel is going well and that you have safe traveling as you continue your journey through life. :-)


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